My hosting story: Overview of the city center

I have developed websites for almost 15 years, first for my own pleasure, and later for others, as a paid web designer.

Over the past decade and a half, I’ve tried several different hosts. I currently use three different hosts for my various websites, due to different features and the like, but Downtown Host quickly became my favorite web hosting and the one on which I support most of my sites. They were created in 2001, so they have been around for more than 10 years.

Problems with web hosting

If you’ve been involved in a web design business for more than three seconds, you’ll probably run into problems with a host or two. There are several things that are more aggravating than transferring your sites to a new server, considering that this is a good fit, and then faces problems that cannot be solved.

These problems may include such things as:

  • Slow loading time
  • Too much downtime
  • Disappearing updates – you update and do not accept
  • Hackers get to your sites from the backend
  • Lack of customer service
  • Slow response from customer service
  • Billing errors
  • Bad technical support
  • Technical support for someone in another country, and you cannot understand what he is saying because of the thick accent
  • Restrictions that you did not expect in terms of bandwidth or the number of domains you can add

Of all these problems, I have to say that slow or poor customer service is the worst. I can handle the lack of a function or two if I can get around it. I can deal with a random billing error. Poor customer service is one of the most difficult things to deal with, because it does not fix any problem that may arise. The next thing that causes most problems is slow download time or downtime. Your visitors will be upset about these things and you will lose business.

I used to have real horrible stories about how sites go down and need to be rebuilt (this will teach you to create backup copies of your sites very quickly). In addition, I had hosts that reboot too quickly through billing, changing billing dates, double charging for the same services, and so on. Then there was a time when all my sites went for no apparent reason, and the host tried to tell me that it should only be at my end. Strange, because on all the computers that I tried, and on all those I asked for, I tried to access my sites from their end. You can imagine that I’m a bit of a web hosting company and that honesty and customer service are two qualities that matter to me.

My experience with the city center

Website hosting

I switched to Downtown Host for most of my accounts in September 2007.

I have been with them for almost five years now, which is the longest that I have ever stayed with a single hosting company. Almost immediately, I saw a difference in customer service. I did not need to ask if they offered my websites as a courtesy they offered.

Several times I had problems with something, they answered my emails in a few minutes, not days or hours. Once, it took them a couple of days to figure out a problem with the backend, but they stayed in contact and left me in the know about progress. I have to say that the technical support people at Downtown Host are knowledgeable and enjoyable.

When my site was attacked by hackers, they helped me figure out how to get it back to where it is, and provided me with some information to protect it. These were problems that they did not have to help, because the hacking was not related to their servers, but they took the time to help me, because they had the knowledge and were able to.

No hosting company is perfect 100% of the time. I would like to remain objective in this review and report problems, but I just didn’t have them. I am not affiliated with Downtown Host, apart from sharing my sites with them, and I don’t pay for them to write this review. I simply report my personal experience as one of my clients. Are there random flashes here and there?

Of course. What distinguishes Downtown Host is that they quickly and professionally respond to these problems and are satisfied. This is what keeps me hosting on their servers for many years in a row.

Types of hosting

Website hosting

Downtown Host offers shared hosting, basic hosting and hosting accounts. If you need more specialized services, they have several options, for example, dedicated dedicated, dedicated or virtual private servers.

Although the cost may vary, if you just need basic hosting for one site , you can get 10 GB of space and bandwidth of 200 GB for only $ 4.95 per month if you register for the longest plan and pay in advance. You can also pay monthly if you do not want to make such long-term investments.

If you want to host multiple domains, you will need more space. Their Shared Gold account offers 20 GB of disk space and the ability to add unlimited domains for about $ 25.95 per month. You will save more if you pay several months to three years in advance.

Hosting Features

The features offered by Downtown Host are excellent for most sites. There is a demo of their control panels on your website, so you can give it a spin. This panel allows you to access everything that their servers have to offer. It includes Fantastico, which allows you to easily install WordPress, PHPList and many other open source programs. This will automatically install the program and automatically create your SQL database, making it ideal for the non-technical website owner. Features include:

  • Homepage Extensions
  • ruby
  • Fantastic
  • SQL Wizards
  • Spam assassin
  • Rv skin
  • Site statistics
  • Unlimited domain parking
  • Streaming media support
  • CGI-Bin
  • Server Side Includes


Hosting specifications vary, but shared hosting is chosen by most people, so we’ll look at it here.

  • Dual-core quad-core servers – 8
  • The minimum RAM 12000mb
  • CentOS Linux
  • Redundant connection lines
  • Backup power backup
  • Litespeed Web Server
  • Daily website reservation


Website hosting

Downtown Host has support 24/7. Technical support can be achieved by submitting a ticket to the website, technical support by email or by phone call. As I mentioned earlier, the response time has always been very fast for me. Independent reviews on various personal blogs all seem positive.

Customers on the site offer feedback on why they like Downtown Host. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Last discount

Website hosting

Scroll to the “Home” page to find out what special offers are currently available (in the “Current Promotion” section) to help save some extra money.

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