CloudFlare offers domain registration with zero markup.

Cloudflare is keen to take a step in the domain registrar market by announcing its new domain registration service with Cloudflare. The company recently published information on performance and security in its blog , which details their arguments in favor of the new service.

Screenshot Cloudflare tweet on September 27, 2018 .

But what does this mean for you, a regular user?

Well, actually a lot. Cloudflare’s decision to launch its own domain name registrar looks like a rock industry because of how they approach the service.

All TLDs guarantee wholesale price.

As the Internet is becoming commonplace in today’s businesses, domain name registration is one of the fundamental aspects of creating each site. Since it was first introduced in 90, domain name registration has significantly improved and included a number of wide domain extensions (.org, .net., .Io, etc.).

Although domains are reasonably priced during the first year (you could get a domain name as cheap as $ 0.99 ), prices tend to differ between different domain name registrars and resellers of hosting companies, and will often increase significantly with upgrades.

In addition, all domain registrars will mark prices as part of their service charges. It is here that the domain registration service of Cloudflare stands out, since they promised that all domain names purchased from them will be sold at wholesale prices.

Cloudflare domain name service fee (source: Cloudflare )

Matthew Prince , CEO of Cloudflare, wrote:

On the price side, this is even simpler: we promise never to charge you anything more than the wholesale price for each TLD fee. This is true in the first year, and this is true each subsequent year. If you register a domain with Cloudflare Registrar, you will always pay the wholesale price without markup.

Swing domain business landscape

This essentially puts Cloudflare as one of the cheapest places to register a domain because of their zero markup of their services. If they do not offer any value added service or agree to Cloudflare prices, there is no reason to use other domain name registrars such as GoDaddy , NameCheap or .

The reason behind the zero markup is due to the fact that Cloudflare believes that there should be no additional fees for registering a domain name for your site, as this is a fairly simple process.

“Domain registration is a commodity,” writes the prince. “There is no significant difference between the existing registrars of the mass market. Each registry top-level domain (TLD, such as .com, .org, .info, .io, etc.) sets the wholesale price for registering a domain under them. These prices are known and remain relatively stable over time. The entire registrar registers you as the owner of a specific domain. This is simply due to sending some commands to the API. In other words, domain registrars charge you for being the average person and don’t bring essentially any value to justify their markup. ”

In order to further strengthen their promise to provide transparent and affordable domain registration services, they publicly announced any means of sale prior to their services. In addition, Cloudflare will not use any form of domain names or auctions to discourage domain name speculation, which can lead to costly domain names.

Securing Domain Names

Although they are known for offering free encrypted SSL / TLS certificates, their high security measures go beyond just their CDN or SSL services. They also have a Custom Domain Protection Service , which is part of their Enterprise Registrar product for those who want the next level of security.

Each client using Custom Domain Protection defines its own process for updating records. For example, if the Custom Domain Protection client wants us to not change our DNS records, unless different people from 6 call us in order from a set of predefined phone numbers, each of which read several unique passwords and told us about their favorite ice cream flavor, on Tuesday, which is also the full moon, we will apply this. Literally.

Given the fact that the service is not scalable, it will cost premium to offer it as part of their domain name registrar services. Instead, Cloudflare will include a number of security services with their domain names that still allow them to have zero markup.

“In terms of security, we promise that we will allow you to use two-factor authentication, we will block your domain registration by default and automatically enable the most efficient security services, such as DNSSEC.”

Switch to Cloudflare

If you want to register a new domain name with Cloudflare, you cannot. Not yet. Currently, the service is limited to existing Cloudflare users who want to transfer their existing domains to their platform.

Those who are current customers can register for early access to receive an invitation to the domain name transfer process. It may take some time for new customers before you can use your domain name services, as they prioritize customers who have been with them longer.

Perhaps some time before the Cloudflare Domain Name Services become publicly available. At the same time, why not check out our guide for buying a domain name which lists some of the cheapest places to buy a domain name.

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