Who is the most popular website hosting?

We know that hundreds of hosting services are available for us. Of all of them, some of them are more popular than others, and have collected quite a lot.

But which one is the most popular?

So, in this article we will look at two factors that, in our opinion, determine the popularity of a hosting company:

  1. Social media (Twitter and Facebook) and
  2. Google trends

For social networks, we created and bought a list of 100 hosting companies and put it all in this huge spreadsheet . Then we compared hosting companies with most of our followers with Google Trends to see how often they were searched in Google.

 Caution: popularity is not equal

Popularity has always been a shortcut for people to help make decisions.

Want to get new sports shoes? Go for Nike or Adidas.

Buying a new phone? This is either an iPhone or Samsung.

Although popularity can be a good barometer in some cases, it will not necessarily tell the whole story about the quality of the company’s products and services.

To make an informed decision when registering a hosting plan, you first need to understand your hosting needs , search and compare, and select the host that best suits your sites .

Part # 1: Social Media Game

1. GoDaddy

Website: https://www.godaddy.com

Not surprisingly, GoDaddy is on this list. The registrar company / hosting provider has long existed and is actively using its brand for consumers.

Today, GoDaddy has 316,000 Twitter fans and 1,863,919 Facebook followers. Of all the hosting companies, Godaddy is definitely above the rest when it comes to social networks.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 316,000.  Facebook: 1,863,919

2. HostGator

HostGator is another name that has long existed in the hosting industry. Although they are not as big as GoDaddy, they still managed to collect enough.

For starters, they have a big Twitter following the 732,000 followers, while their Facebook numbers currently have about 214,991 followers.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 732,000.  Facebook: 214,991

3. Bluehost

BlueHost Review

A hosting company that has existed since 2000, Bluehost is certainly a well-known name in the hosting industry and has been viewed by many sites (including ours!).

Despite the fact that EIG (Endurance International group) , Bluehost manages to build a steady stream of followers. On Twitter, they currently have 478,000 followers with Facebook, sitting at 151,748.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 478,000.  Facebook: 151,748

4. SiteGround

SiteGround may not be the name of the household, but they are steadily increasing their reputation as a quality hosting provider. Jerry Lowe used his hosting services for his personal blog that talks about how good they are.

But in terms of social networking, SiteGround doesn’t necessarily integrate with 231,000 Twitter followers and 30,593 followers on Facebook.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 231,000.  Facebook: 30,593

5. DreamHost

Website: https://www.dreamhost.com

Another company that has been in the hosting industry, DreamHost has been hosting services since 1997. The company currently has more than 1.5 million websites and a healthy user base of more than 400,000.

As for social networks, DreamHost makes noticeable traces on Twitter with 344,000 followers, but for Facebook they only have followers 21,429.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 344.00.  Facebook: 21,429 Check out DreamHost

6. Name.com

Website: https://www.name.com

Like GoDaddy, Name.com may not be the company you are thinking about when it comes to hosting services. But the domain registrar company offers a number of hosting plans in addition to domain name services.

When it comes to social networking, Name.com attracts healthy 553,000 followers in its Twitter account. However, their Facebook account is not very well suited only for followers 48,464.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 553,000.  Facebook 48,464

7. WPEngine

Website: https://www.wpengine.com

WPEngine has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in 2010. The site, managed by WordPress hosting, has been making waves, focusing on being the best place to host WordPress.

But how do they live on social networks? For Twitter, they cost about 375,000 followers. But their Facebook has significantly less than the followers of 38,658.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 375,000.  Facebook 38,658

8. Hosting A2

Website: https://www.a2hosting.com

A2Hosting makes changes to the speed department using technologies such as Railgun Optimizer and pre-configured caching, which is the fastest hosting provider in the industry.

Despite the fact that A2Hosting is the industry leader in download speed, it does not have to be present on social networks. On Twitter, they have only about 102,000 and are improving slightly on Facebook with 49,233.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 102,000.  Facebook: 49,233 Checkout hosting A2

9. Hosting for InMotion

Website: https://www.inmotionhosting.com

InMotion hosting is absolutely fantastic hosting provider. We reviewed them and gave them high marks for their hosting services. Heck, we even use them to host WHSR, which talks a lot about how good their hosting services are.

But is it really great services that translate well into social networks? Not necessary. Currently, InMotion Hosting has only 124,000 Twitter followers and worthless 11,394 followers on Facebook. Compared to the rest of the hosting provider, InMotion Hosting definitely takes a lower place in popularity.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 124,000.  Facebook: 11,394Departure from the hotel InMotion

10. Kinsta

Website: https://www.kinsta.com

Another great hosting company that flies below the radar, Kinsta is WordPress managed hosting company that offers first-class views and exceptional WordPress hosting services.

Like InMotion Hosting, we rated Kinsta quite high compared to other WordPress managed companies. But did their excellent services really help them in playing on social networks? Apparently not, since they have only followers of 126,000 Twitter and the fares are slightly better than InMotion on Facebook with followers 19,153.

Social Network Statistics –  Twitter: 126,000.  Facebook: 19,153

Part # 2: Be part of the trend (Google)

When it comes to popularity on the Internet, social media makes up only half of the equation. The other half that we need to pay attention to is Google Trends.

Using the “Percentage by Time” graph, we can get an idea of ​​how popular and how often a certain term (or company) is used on the search engine platform for a certain period of time.

Although GoDaddy clearly owns the largest social networks listed above, will they have the largest market share in Google Trends?

Spoiler warns: they absolutely do it.

Who is the most popular?  GoDaddy easily leads search queries in Google Trends.
GoDaddy easily leads search queries in Google Trends.

Take a look at the time comparison between GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround and DreamHost. GoDaddy easily eclipsed all of them, consistently staying at 75 to 100 points of popularity from last November.

Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround and DreamHost, all located within 25 or below the range, with SiteGround being the lowest among all five.

Popular hosting companies: with InMotion, Kinsta, WPEngine and A2Hosting, GoDaddy still occupies a significant place.
With InMotion, Kinsta, WPEngine and A2Hosting GoDaddy still occupies a significant place.

Compared to the best-rated hosting providers such as InMotion Hosting, Kinsta, A2Hosting and even WPEngine, GoDaddy still holds a significant place in the popularity of Google search.

In fact, InMotion Hosting, Kinsta, A2Hosting and WPEngine are even lower compared to Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround and DreamHost.

Are popular web hosts (on social media) the best?

When it comes to the quality of the hosting provider, there are a number of factors that can affect them. Are you creating a simple blog site? Is there any user program? Do you need an online store? All this and much more can affect the quality of the hosting company.

According to our tests and reviews, GoDaddy is great for people who just want to have a simple blog or website . However, if you are thinking about creating a complex WordPress site or e-commerce store, hosting providers such as Kinsta or InMotion offer the best server features and hosting.

In the end, it’s all about what you want and need for your website, since different hosting companies meet the different needs of the website. If you’re a simple blog, then perhaps GoDaddy is more than enough. Need more server resources? It may be better to go to Kinsta or InMotion Hosting.

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